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I've been doing crochet since 2019. I'm terribly slow at it but I enjoy it a lot. Here are some of my completed projects. I mostly do Amigurumi and the occasional coaster but sometimes I branch out into other things as well.
Tiny Octopodes
Tiny Octopodes Tiny Octopodes
I made all of these while trying to refine this pattern from The Wandering Deer into something a touch more realistic.
Unfortunately I saved the changes I made with each one to a hard drive that was dying and my altered pattern instructions got eaten by the bit rot.
They're sitting on top of Mini Kingdom by Olka Novytska, which is a fantastic amigurumi book that has nothing at all to do with this particular pattern XD.

Barry the Baby Unicorn

Barry the baby unicornBarry the baby unicorn visits Blois, France
Barry the baby unicorn - my very first amigurumi project. I'm pretty proud of him. He normally lives on my desk at work but he also tagged along on a vacation to Italy and France in 2019.
Pattern here: Baby Unicorn Pattern from Amigurumi Today.


Garyl the Binicorn

Garyl the Binicorn Garyl the Binicorn hair view
Two views of the Garyl the Binicorn amigurumi fanart for The Adventure Zone podcast I made for my datemate.
Same pattern as Barry but with some tweaks. Obviously, I added the second horn and some additional color changes. I also made the mane and tail curls looser by using a foundation single crochet stitch instead of a chain for the first row.