Welcome to FortAngel's Secret Lair

FortAngel: 30-something, queer and neurodivergent, they/them

There's nothing here yet but I'm pretty excited to get to play in this space. I'm an OG, as it were. Cut my web design teeth on Angelfire back in the day. Now it's all Content Management Systems and driving user engagement, and Search Engine Optimization which is all well and good as far as it goes but sometimes you just want to be a weird little gremlin on the intertubes.

I'll probably post some of my amigurumi stuff, maybe some book reviews. Trying to learn javascript so I can finally get my Misty II Robot to do something other than blink at me, so you'll probably see some javascript experiments here too.

You can find me on Flight Rising too, by the way, if collecting pixel dragons is your jam.

Go to my Amigurumi Gallery to see some of my crochet projects.